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TERMS & CONDITIONS OF PASSAGE: For all Partners & Passengers
Please note that when purchasing any of our Tour and/or Cruise Programs, the following information MUST be provided to and SIGNED by passengers regardless if booked through Travel Agents or 3d party Brokers. Any and all payments received directly or through 3d parties assume that the final passengers, sailing on any of our cruise programs HAVE been advised and HAVE explicitly agreed to the Full Terms & Conditions as outlined on our web site; & conditions. Below is a short summery to be signed and returned to us.
PASSENGER TICKET CONTRACT – CRUISE PORTIONS: Please note that we act only as Brokers for all of the listed vessels in our brochures/web site, and in case of any disputes between passengers and vessels you agree to release Value World Tours, Inc. of any and all liabilities and will look toward the owners/operators of each ship for any remedies, which will be governed by the Ticket Contract of the shipping company or owner of the vessel in question. For a full list of shipping companies and carriers liabilities please see our FULL Terms & Conditions at: www.valueworld cruises/terms. For Airline terms please see each respective airline.
FORCE MAJEURE: As with all travel arrangements but especially with sailings on various world-wide waterways, cruising carries with it an inherent risk which you as a passenger must accept when considering this form of travel. Therefore, in case of any and all unforeseen circumstances including but not limited to: weather conditions, low or high waters, lock schedules, acts of God, government actions and/or restrictions, political turmoil, disease/pandemics, strikes, terrorism, general break down of equipment, closures or black outs of certain attractions listed in the program or similar, we as the broker of the Owners/ Operators of various vessels offered in our programs reserve the absolute right to change and/or alter any specific sailing date or a series of departure dates including implementing any of the following: a) substituting vessels of same or similar quality,
b) operating portions of the sailing program via motor coach/ hotel accommodations to replace ship schedules, c) substituting listed attractions with those of same or similar quality without prior notice. The vessel operators also reserve the right to cancel any particular sailing date or series of departures, for reasons outlined above, lack of participation or for any other reasons beyond their control. In the unlikely event of a cancelled sailing date, in conjunction with the vessel owners/operators, we reserve the right to offer an alternate date or dates within the same sailing season without further liability. If not acceptable to passengers for appropriate reasons, we reserve the right to extend future travel credit (FTC) for monies received for a cancelled sailing and apply it to any other sailing dates and destinations. If none of the alternatives are workable, the limit of our and the vessel owner/operator responsibility will be the refund of monies received, minus the initial non-refundable deposits and any applicable cancellation fees, within 60 days of the final written cancellation received from the partner/passenger. Under no circumstances will we or the owners/operators of vessels be liable for any expenses not paid through us, including any airfares, delays, cancellations or changes and any air ticketing fees that may be applied due to such changes, any additional ground transportation or extra accommodation surcharges, travel insurance, visa fees, taxes, psychological trauma and/ or lost business income or revenue, or other incidental expenses incurred to the passenger as a result of our or vessel owner/ operator cancellation of a specific sailing or series of sailings.
COVID – 19: All of our shipping partners have implemented strict safety procedures, from temperature checks to wearing gloves and masks etc. All passengers MUST BE FULLY VACCINATED and must agree to abide and comply to all safety requirements including temperature checks, social distancing, providing their own masks for the duration of the program and any other rules required by the ships for the safety of the staff and other passengers. Should any passengers refuse to comply or should any passengers test positive for the virus at any point during the program, please note that the ships have the right to remove such passengers from the vessel and any further health or travel expenses will be borne by the passengers. By signing below all passengers unequivocally agree to hold Value World Tours Inc. and their shipping partners/owners free of any liabilities regarding the Covid-19 virus or any other illnesses that are above and beyond the control of the ships/crews and other land providers.
         Signed by Passenger/Agent _______________________________________ Print name: _____________________________
Date: __________________________ Please sign and return to VWT
Value World Tours, Inc. @ @ (714) 556-8258 @ @ CST#: 1000020-40

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