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Our Crew and Staff
Good hardware and creative itineraries are important but of limited value without the support staff to execute them to perfection! Which is why we are immensely proud of all of our US and overseas staff and crews.
In our U.S. head office you will never get a machine and no matter whom you speak to you will find, that between us, we have personally inspected and experienced every single program that we bring before you!
Once overseas, you will fall in love with our carefully selected Local and National Guides and Cruise Directors! Experienced, charming and extremely knowledgeable, they will be your “guiding angels” from the moment
you arrive until the moment you depart. They will guide you, educate you, entertain you and take care of your every need. They are the ones that provide that extra “VALUE” touch.
You will love our ship crews as well! Because our vessels are smaller and more intimate, you will get to meet and interact with most of the crew, from the sailors who clean and maintain the ships, to the bartenders, waitresses and officers, who will greet you with genuine smiles, and treat you as a guest in their home! You may arrive as a stranger but we guarantee, you will return home not only with great memories, but new friends as well!
Value for Money!
In summary, whatever your choice of destination may be, we are confidant that you will experience a wonderful ship, and enjoy a great travel experience. We urge you to take a look at all of the services and features included in any of our programs and compare them to any of our competitors. Dollar for dollar, apple for apple, we guarantee you will be getting “The Best Value That Money Can Buy”!
Welcome Aboard!
 MS Duro Cruiser at sail

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