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Our “Value” Philosophy
From our very first cruises, our business philosophy was to share our love of the unique and the unusual! We wanted to immerse our customers into the countries, cultures and customs of the destinations they were visiting. Finding great ships was important for the convenience and the comfort they provided (no packing and unpacking, high quality accommodations, food and service) – but having a great ship was not enough... we wanted our clients to feel, see, hear and taste the authentic way of life of the people, whose countries we were exploring. Thirty years later our philosophy has not changed.
Culture, Education, Entertainment
This is why on most of our land or cruise itineraries, you will find highlights rarely found on other comparable programs including: visits to authentic villages, local schools, home hosted meals with local families, private concerts, folklore shows and similar (depending on itineraries). No matter what the destination, most of our itineraries are peppered with lectures and discussions held by local experts, who will share their knowledge with you, Cruise Directors who will arrange language, dance, painting or cooking lessons along with a wide variety of other activities, all of which will enhance the overall enjoyment of your vacation – and all included in your price! *(Please check the highlights column of each itinerary as the cultural immersion activities may vary based on destination)
Our Boutique Ships
Of course, great cruise vessels are the mainframe of our programs, which is why we take extra care in selecting the right ship for the right destination. We have learned from experience that bigger is not always better! In many areas such as the Mekong, the waterways are narrow, shallow and difficult to navigate, which is why we prefer smaller, more nimble ships that can go where others cannot and can take you to the very centers of the places we want you to explore. However, rest assured, that in terms of comfort, quality of accommodation, food and level of service, you will not be disappointed!

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