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Cruise 101: River vs Ocean Pt. 1

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Cruise 101: River vs Ocean Pt. 2

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Top 3 Standouts of the Sea

Check out travel tips, tales and tidbits from abroad in our very own Value blog, penned by one of our fabulous Cruise Directors, Téa!


Hear From Past Passengers

While we love to talk about ourselves, we would much rather have our guests do the talking instead. From unique experiences, to unparalleled service and unforgettable memories, read firsthand reviews from our loyal Value World Cruisers.




Find Out About Our Value Family

Wow! We can’t believe it’s been more than 25 years since Value World was only a fledgling travel company, born in the basement of an LA-based condo back in 1992. Since then we’ve grown into a true family-owned operation, expanding our programs and our staff to include places and people from all of the globe. Read on to meet the members of our Value Family.


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